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Umoja ni nguvu; together we stand

The Kenya Association of Manitoba Inc. (K.A.M. Inc.) is a non-profit organization of Kenyan Residents in Manitoba, Canada. Kenyans in Manitoba first came together to establish an association in 1986. At the time, the goal was to promote a sense of belonging for Kenyans, Kenyan-Canadians and connect with other ethnic groups in Manitoba…


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Umoja ni nguvu; together we stand

Kenya Students Association of Manitoba - KSAM

KSAM is a Kenyan Student group that was formed in 2019. It is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and hosts students from different universities/colleges within the province. The group aims to connect fellow members of our nation, more specifically students, and helps to ease the challenges and hardships that come with moving to a new country. It is a chance to meet and make friends with other fellow compatriots. We aim to keep the Kenyan culture alive by celebrating Kenyan holidays and hosting gatherings that include lots of scrumptious delicacies: Ugali and Nyama choma, you name it!
We also provide means of support to any arising needs involving an individual. Amidst all the fun and activities we do not forget a student’s main priority, their academics. Through our various platforms, information on school accessibility needs is shared to the students. In future we also aim to hold study gatherings for our students to meet up and share information as well as help each other out; as they say- two heads are better than one.
To join our home away from home kindly follow us on the following platforms:
Instagram- @ksam_uofm
Facebook- @Kenyan Students Association of Manitoba

KARIBU SANA! ~ Umoja ni nguvu, utengano ni udhaifu

Umoja ni nguvu; together we stand

Kenyan Women of Manitoba Group

Kenya Women in Manitoba (KWM) was founded in 2019 by the Kenyan Women in Manitoba when they came together to support one another and their families at good and bad times in the Kenyan spirit of togetherness.

Our vision is to help create a world where every woman is empowered by the love of God, valued by her community, and equipped to fulfill her unique purpose. Each woman is welcome to share their stories be it their journey to Canada, personal, professional, highs, lows, and any other on our WhatsApp platform to achieve this vision. We value each contribution as it has the potential to help us learn and unlearn.

Thank you, KWM.

The KWIM group was opened as a way of Kenyan women in Manitoba connecting with each other. KWIM is under the KAM umbrella. There was a big gap where newcomers will come and not feel as connected. The group consists of different age groups that identify as Kenyan women living in Manitoba.
The group has evolved, even though people don’t meet physically they can ask settlement questions, job search questions or something simple as housing and many other varieties.
We have Fridays designated as Market days where women can showcase what they are selling or services they are offering. There is a food harvest that people can donate food or money for families and also families can reach out to request food assistance.
People also post encouraging videos and quotes and those who follow Kenyan news updates others by posting about what’s happening.

The greatest wish is for the group to flourish and for many women to benefit from it.

Umoja ni nguvu; together we stand

Kenyan Sports Activities in Manitoba

The sports team includes soccer team and basketball team. This team consists of sport oriented individuals sharing their expertise in the dynamic and competitive sports industry.
The diverse backgrounds and experiences of our contributors provide unique and interesting insight.
We are happy to offer opportunities to many talented individuals into our team. Hope our stories and experiences motivate and build your career in sports.

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